Safety & Rules
We Ensure Utmost SAFETY At Work :-
Literal meaning of safety is to be aware of the actions which minimizes the Risk Factors, Hazards or the Dangerous Situations while involving yourself for any kind of work you undertake.
Safety starts at your home it self :-
We as a CAMC vendor are more prone to such hazardous environment and therefore the concern of safety is paramount and applicable to all of us. Specially the personnel working in field or working on sophisticated Electrical/Electronic Equipments which carries live voltage whether it is AC or DC with a life risk factor. By observing some laid down processes and procedure which involves safety rules, we can minimize the chances of occurrence of such incidents.
We follow Seven Safety Rules : -

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Always Use Suitable Personal Protective Equipment And Attach Safety Harnesses While Working At Heights

Electrical Problems Should Only Be Fixed By Qualified Workers

Never Drive Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Illegal Drugs

Never Exceed Speed Limits

Always Wear A Helmet While Riding And Ensure That The Pillion Rider Wears A Helmet

Never Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving

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